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Trusted By

Maxey Plumbing is not just another general plumbing contractor in Western Australia. We have worked (and still do) with the world’s biggest companies, particularly in terms of fuel sites services.

If BP and Shell trust us with their fuel site pipes, then we feel more than confident with routine plumbing work (though we still take great care in every project). Commercial plumbing forms a large part of our business though we are also known for our quality of care in terms of residential and general plumbing services.

We are trusted by the following corporations:

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There is a reason why we are trusted by the world’s best.

We are not playing around when we say we are experts in plumbing.

Call Maxey Plumbing on 08 9496 1800 to understand why we are trusted by some of the world’s biggest companies.

Compliance Information (PANEL)


Quality Control Services (Environmental) Pty Ltd

Quality Control Services (Environmental) Pty Ltd (QCSE) has been assisting businesses in Australia with certification and training since 1991. QCSE is an accredited Certification and Assessment Body (CAB), providing certification and assessment services to organisations’ management systems against the International Standards Organisation Standards for Quality, Environmental, and Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems. We are working towards getting accredited.

Rapid Global
Rapid Global

Rapid Global

Rapid Global is led by a highly experienced team of professionals. From product implementation to Health and Safety advice, our team provides the expertise you need to streamline your workforce compliance management processes.

ATU Sewage Treatment Systems Project 5

WPCG Accredited Contractor

The WorkPlace Clearance Group (WPCG) is a joint venture between BP, Ampol Australia and Viva Energy Australia.

The WPCG member companies are committed to providing a safe environment for everyone that comes on to our sites including, staff, contractors, visitors and our customers.

The WPCG Work Clearance Program is designed to allow lower risk maintenance work to be carried out in a safe and controlled manner at WPCG member facilities.

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