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Sewage Treatment System Solutions

An Aerobic Treatment Unit (ATU) functions similarly to a septic tank. It is an electrical waste water sewage treatment system used on properties that are not connected to sewage mains. They will convert wastewater so that it is usable for irrigation and other functions (not for drinking).

ATUs, as a form of secondary treatment system (STS), are now becoming the norm in Australia, instead of the traditional septic tank. ATUs tend to be more efficient than typical treatment systems, of which there are many kinds.

Maxey Plumbing provides safe and cost-effective ATU treatment systems for Perth businesses. We offer premium wastewater management systems that are efficient, built to last, and professionally installed by our team of technicians.

We work with a number of systems and manufactures including:



We can provide a 6-year warranty on all products and services as well as an exceptional standard of customer care. Call us on 08 9496 1800 for a high-quality ATU treatment system that will convert waste water to usable water today.
Commercial Plumbing Perth
Commercial Plumbing Perth

Is wastewater really that big of a problem?

100%. Consider that every Australian business uses around 1500 litres of water per day. Every time a customer flush a toilet, staff washes the dishes, wash your hands, prepare coffee, cook a meal. It all involves a lot of water. But the real culprit in sunny Perth is irrigation, accounting for about 35% of wastewater. All of this water has to be reused somehow, which is why you need an efficient ATU & sewage treatment system, right now.

How do I know if I need an ATU for my business?

While they aren’t required, ATUs are a great way to cut back your water bill and give back to the environment. After all, ATUs are designed to naturally treat wastewater so you can reuse it, most often for lawn irrigation. So, if you want to water your garden more sustainably or are considering irrigation installation, an ATU could be a great fit for your property and your budget.

What are the primary kinds of wastewater treatment systems?

These include home sewage treatment plants (HSTPs), Septic Systems, Aerated Systems (AWTS), and Aerobic Treatment Systems/Units (ATUs). Broadly, they can also be classified as simply aerobic wastewater treatment and anaerobic wastewater treatment. Anaerobic operates without the presence of oxygen, while aerobic requires the presence of oxygen. Aerobic is a more thorough process.

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What are the differences between anaerobic & aerobic treatment systems?

Aerobic systems tend to be better than anaerobic systems, though there are some disadvantages. Aside from the presence of oxygen, the primary differences include:

  • An aerobic system can be a stand alone system, or combined with an anaerobic system.
  • Aerobic systems can be more expensive than their anaerobic counterparts.
  • Anaerobic components require less maintenance.
  • Aerobic systems allow even the strictest of industrial environmental guidelines to be met.
  • Anaerobic systems, in isolation, are more environmentally friendly than aerobic systems – they generate less sludge and the sludge can be used for soil enrichment.
  • Aerobic systems need electricity and solids need to be pumped out regularly.
  • Aerobic systems have more chemicals.
Aerobic Wastewater Treatment Systems

Aerobic Wastewater Treatment Systems

Anaerobic Wastewater Treatment Systems

Anaerobic Wastewater Treatment Systems

What makes ATU & sewage treatment systems specialized?

The mechanics of an ATU can get a little complex. Essentially, it consists of 4 chambers – the primary chamber, aeration chamber, settling chamber, and disinfectant chamber. The primary chamber is where the sludge is kept. In the aeration chamber, the sludge is mixed with air. In the settling chamber, some solids are returned to either the primary chamber or aeration chamber after they settle to the bottom. Finally, the water is disinfected in the disinfectant chamber before use in irrigation.

The ATU exposes the wastewater to oxygen for added clarification. This is similar to municipal wastewater systems. However, septic tanks have the advantage of being very easy to maintain. They only need to be emptied once or twice a year and can last for over 2 decades.

How much do ATU treatment systems cost in Perth?

System costs are affected by a few factors, so it’s always the best idea to get a custom quote from a professional installer. For a septic treatment system, the size should scale to either the volume in litres output for the business or number of fixtures in use.

ATU pricing and specs vary in size, style and cost, generally between $15,000 to $30,000 per system.

Maintenance and servicing which should happen every 3 months which is a department of health requirement, can cost $150 to $550 per visit depending on the size and location of the system.

Why Choose Us

You can help the environment and your bank account by getting professionals to install the right ATU & sewage system for your business. And with Maxey Plumbing, you’ll have licensed and insured pros available to help you choose the right option for your business.

We also back our work with a 6-year warranty and can provide ongoing quarterly scheduled maintenance to keep your system in top working order.

Call us on 08 9496 1800 to learn more about servicing, adding or upgrading the ATU treatment system on your property.

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