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  • In House Permit Writer
  • Great Quality Workmanship
  • Exceptional Customer Service
  • All Major Fuel Giants Inducted
  • Over 20 Years Fuels Sector Experience
  • WPCG Clearance Issuer Accredited Staff
  • In-house Workplace Clearance Trainer And Assessor
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Effective On Site Fueling

Fuel site plumbing work is a vital and nuanced practice that requires professionals with experience to get the work done safely and effectively. From petrol station maintenance to new pollution control system installs, finding the right service provider can power success.

At Maxey Plumbing, we take regulations, safety, and professionalism seriously. All of our technicians have been extensively trained and licenced to the WPCG requirements which ensures full compliance and guidelines are followed and adhered to when any work is being carried out for on site fueling in Perth.

Not only are our technicians fully compliant and authorised to work on fuel sites, but all of our vehicles are custom fitted to WPCG specifications. They are all stocked with the x2 9kg fire extinguishers, first aid kits, traffic management, high viz reflective tape, and PPE.

The company uniform also follows the WPCG minimum control requirements and at all times our technicians have safety boots, hi-vis clothing or vest, full neck to toe to wrist clothing cotton or flame retardant/anti-static uniform.

We perform contracted works for all major fuel giants including BP, Puma, Ampol, and 7 Eleven.
Our coverage area is currently the State of Western Australia with head office based in Perth.

Call us on 08 9496 1800 for more information on our safe, efficient, and reliable fuel site services.

Looking for fast and affordable commercial plumbing help? Find out what makes Maxey Plumbing Perth’s local specialists.

Fuel Site Services Perth
Fuel Site Services Perth

What does on site fueling include?

This is quite a broad category and can depend on client and system needs but as a general rule we take care of anything that involves water, sewage and pollution control systems.

Please give Maxey Plumbing a call to discuss your requirements.

Some of the services we include are:

What WPCG supervision and permit writing capabilities are available to Maxey Plumbing in Perth?

Maxey Plumbing is able to issue and work under all permits required with in-house staff trained to issue and authorise the following Permits to enable high hazard work to be carried out safely. We have Permit Issuing/Authorization for:

  • Confined Space
  • Hot Works
  • Excavation
  • Working At Heights
  • Permit Supervision
  • WPCG Supervision Of Trades/Contractors
  • Minor Ground Disturbance Checklists
  • Minor Working At Heights Checklists
  • Minor Hot Works Checklists
  • Gas Atmosphere Testing
  • Gas Atmosphere Monitoring

How can I trust Maxey Plumbing for on site fueling?

All of our claims and accreditations are easily and publicly verifiable. The following are our accreditation and registration numbers:

  • WPCG Permit writer – TW0084
  • WPCG GAS Tester / Permit receiver – AD0004
  • Plumbing License – PL8666
  • Electrical License – EW184645
  • Backflow License – 2606
  • Water Wise Certification – 103239
  • CM3 Certification – 015008

Aside from our accreditations, we are friendly to deal with and direct in our approach to problem solving.

Fuel Site Services Perth

How to check for a WPCG accredited contractor in Perth?

You can check the status of any company or worker before you engage them to carry out work on your fuel site or fuel depot to make sure they are WPCG Accredited to work on fuel sites. www.wpcg.com.au Simply go to the wpcg website and search the contractor database list by typing in the company name or technicians name. This will tell you if they are wpcg inducted, wpcg accredited issuers, permit receivers and permit issuers. Don’t risk using anyone not on the list to protect your business. Maxey Plumbing has all its staff accredited to the WPCG clearance issuer training.

Why choose Maxey Plumbing?

In the fuel industry, you need to work with contractors that have lots of experience and are 100% compliant and accredited. Our commercial plumbers have this expertise and go through intensive training in both a practical and theoretical sense. Safety comes first, and we have the best protective gear and safety procedures.

We also offer a decade of expertise that will ultimately save you money. Moreover, we are a family-owned business with a no callback policy from clients, and we regularly do contract work for large fuel companies.

Call our customer help desk on 08 9496 1800 and we can take you through all of our procedures regarding safe, efficient, and reliable services.

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