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High-Quality Gas Appliance Services

Gas appliances are vital to operations across industries and commercial establishments the world over. To keep this equipment operating efficiently and safely, you’ll want regular gas appliance service in Perth. This keeps things in working order and in accordance with any applicable warranties. And of course, if a repair is required, a professional should be called out to get the job done right.

These appliances also need a more specialised approach than more straightforward electric-powered equipment. Gas lines may need to be run, updated, or fit properly to service the new appliances. Even if you already have gas lines, they may need an upgrade to comply with existing regulations and to connect with your appliances properly.

From restaurants to commercial kitchens, no one does gas fitting in Perth better than Maxey Plumbing. As premium commercial plumbers and gas fitters, we aim to provide all customers with top-class gas appliances servicing Perth.

If your appliance is not working properly, we can assist with its repair or maintenance. We can also install new systems, depending on what your plumbing and gas requirements happen to be. We have extensive knowledge on a range of applications that few other businesses can claim. We also have a rock-solid track record with previous clients so you can feel confident you’re trusting your business to the best.

For premium gas servicing Perth and beyond, call us on 08 9496 1800.

Gas Appliance Servicing
Gas Appliance Servicing Perth

Signs that it’s time for gas appliance services

Most appliances will come with required service guidelines to maintain the warranty. Gas is a great fuel resource, but it can have consequences when not used properly. A gasfitter will not only confirm the condition of your equipment but also the gas line and ventilation.

If you’re in between scheduled maintenance and notice any of these signs, you should put a call out to a professional gas fitter and commercial plumber:

  • Off-colour flame
  • Excess soot or smoke
  • Unreliable pilot light
  • Hot surfaces on surrounds
  • Staining or grime around burners
  • Popping sounds when igniting

How often should gas appliances be serviced in Perth?

Once every 6 months is a good rule of thumb. Certain appliances may need maintenance or special treatment more regularly, so you need to check the manufacturing instructions on each unit. For instance, all forms of gas heaters should be serviced a minimum of every 12 months by a licenced gas fitter. In addition, they need to be tested for carbon monoxide spillage. This includes all central heating units, space heaters, wall units, and gas log fires. Older appliances should be checked much more often.

How long does gas appliance services take?

That largely depends on how many appliances you have and what kind of condition they are in. Older equipment should be checked yearly and given a closer look to confirm that the units are working efficiently and not emitting dangerous carbon monoxide. You can expect a service to charge a minimum for a site visit and spend 30-60 minutes per appliance. This can be much longer in commercial instances with bigger equipment and more complex gas fitting. A new install project, on the other hand, could take several hours if you also need new gas lines run to the location.

How much does this service cost in Perth?

Just like the time it takes to do the actual service, the price for this will vary. To start, it will be a factor of how long the visit takes. Many commercial plumbers and gasfitters charge a combination of a flat callout fee and then an hourly rate from there. Any extra materials, from gas piping to repair parts for the appliances themselves, will cost separate. Commercial servicing also tends to cost more than residential, since the equipment and lines are much more robust. The best approach is to ask for a personalized quote for a licensed, insured, and local service.

What is the difference between Type A and Type B gas applications?

Type A gas appliances, which are the most common, consist of domestic and light commercial appliances, which are mass-produced. They are defined in AS/NZS 5601 as an appliance for which a certification scheme exists. They are frequently found within homes and commercial sites and cover the typical range of gas applications.

In contrast, Type B applications related to more specialised and large-scale technology. Examples include industrial boilers, incinerators, gas-fired turbines, and engine-powered appliances used in power generation. Type B appliances require special certification before installation and inspection.

Where can I find high-quality gas appliance service in Perth?

You’ve found the best with Maxey Plumbing! We offer a 6-year workmanship warranty on all products with a 2 hour maximum wait time for emergencies and a no call-back policy. We complete every project as quickly and efficiently as possible, leaving behind many satisfied clients in Perth.

Call us today for a team of safe, licensed, and insured technicians to maintain or install your gas appliances – 08 9496 1800.

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