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Fast Waste Water & Grease Trap Services

Grease traps are most often found in restaurants and commercial kitchens that need to separate out the fats from cooking oils in their wastewater. These traps keep oil gunk and grime from entering the broader sewer waste system. Not only would this put strain on water treatment plants, but it can also damage and degrade commercial plumbing.

Grease and oils can clog a drainage system creating blockages that restrict water flow as well as the accumulation of bacteria and unpleasant smells. Grease traps prevent this by capturing the waste separately before it can enter the larger plumbing system.

Just like kitchen water, the water from showers, dishwashers, kitchens, and toilets needs to be disposed of properly using the correct sanitation procedures.

Maxey Plumbing can help you keep all of your drainage and waste plumbing functional and optimized. As an Australian-owned company with exceptional customer service and a 6 year workmanship warranty, we can provide flawless waste water and grease trap services in Perth. Just call us on 08 9496 1800 for a quote and to get help today!

ATTENTION: In need of emergency plumbing help to manage your grease trap? Don’t wait, call 08 9496 1800 for fast and reliable service today.

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How do you know if you need these services?

One of the telltale signs is slow moving water in the system as fats are literally clogging up all of the pipes. With grease build up, you’ll probably also have food and waste particles trapped along the pipes. Over time, this can cause quite an unpleasant odour especially when you are not running the water. The trap itself has a limit: it can only hold so much. You will want to have it cleaned every three months or at the interval set by the local water authority, making sure that the grease does not fill more than 25% of the liquid depth before you call for a clean out.

Whether you have a partially blocked drain or smell something that’s not quite right, it’s best to call a professional plumbing service before things get worse. You can end up with larger repair work needed, an emergency problem to attend to, or a bigger mess to clean up.

Is grease trap waste hazardous?

This depends on your jurisdiction, but many areas have regulated that brown grease trap waste is indeed a hazard to the environment. The more full that the device becomes, the more hazardous the material. Essentially, the grease gets more stale and rancid with time, and it should be frequently emptied. This will lessen the toxicity of the grease trap contents.

What options are available for bulk liquid waste water services in Perth?

While many businesses rely on public works and water treatment for fresh water and waste removal, there are instances where bulk services are needed. This is especially true if you have a septic tank since it will need to be pumped in accordance with existing regulations.

But septic tanks are not the only factor. Hotels, businesses, restaurants, and industrial spaces can have all kinds of waste water that require commercial plumbing support. This can include oily water, wash water, liquid organic waste, solvents, and even chemicals. You’ll want to choose a service that can help with your exact waste plans and even emergency waste services in the event of a mishap.

How much do these services cost in Perth?

While fee schedules will vary between providers, the baseline for pricing out these services is volume. How much waste needs to be removed will impact the equipment, vehicles, and staff needed as well as dictate any disposal fees that may be passed on to you. The size of your tanks will also determine how often you need services.

On average, there is a minimum callout fee in Perth between $180 to $350. From there, you can expect to pay $0.30 to $0.50 per litre of waste removed.

Keep up with your waste water and grease trap cleaning with Maxey Plumbing

With Maxey Plumbing, there’s no wondering what a service will pay or what it will include. We’re transparent about exactly how we’ll help you with grease trap services in Perth, from cleaning to removal and more. All of our workers are focused on safety and customer satisfaction.

For professional services, call Maxey Plumbing now on 08 9496 1800.

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