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Complete Solutions for Oil Separators

For those working with fuel, oil or chemical industry, high-quality oil separator services are essential. They are a legal requirement to prevent pollution and maximise safety. Large mining companies, car washes and fuel site stations need these separators so the machinery can operate effectively.

Failure to adequately install and maintain oil separator technology could lead to heavy fines and could potentially pollute the environment. Petrol stations and industrial sites will need to ensure they have premium services so that everything functions smoothly. There are multiple rules and regulations surrounding oil water separators and their handling. They are expensive pieces of equipment that need to be maintained the right way.

This is exactly what the commercial plumbing team at Maxey Plumbing provides. Our services are backed by a team of highly experienced engineers who are fully qualified and licenced to operate. Aside from maintenance, our expert team can help to install oil water separators and indicate where they should be placed.

Along with our extensive services, we can also provide installation and servicing of below ground or above ground systems such as SPEL Puraceptors, Coalescing plate separators,hydrocyclones, triple interceptors, Aquators and Air driven Diaphragm pump systems. We provide a complete plumbing solution and have a stellar reputation across WA for the quality of our services.

Call Maxey Plumbing now for expert services from a team of safe, licenced, insured, and experienced professionals – 08 9496 1800.

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What businesses make use of oil separators?

The following businesses will need to install, service, and maintain these separators:

  • Automotive workshops
  • Car washes
  • Fuel Stations
  • Marine ships
  • Mining companies
  • Food manufacturing companies
  • Manufacturing plants
  • Bus and truck depots

What are the different kinds of separators in Perth?

Different systems are required depending on what kind of wastewater you are treating. The primary kinds of oil water separators include:

  1. Coalescing plate separators
  2. Vertical gravity separators
  3. Hydrocyclone separators
  4. Petrol and oil interceptor pits
  5. SPEL Puraceptors
  6. Aquator systems
  7. Triple interceptors
  8. Air driven diaphragm pump systems

Coalescing plate separators are the most common, as they treat the wastewater to the standard regulations and are also easy to install and maintain. However, industrial operations will often need specialised equipment with a custom manufacture.

SPEL Puraceptor

Puraceptor Systems 2
Puraceptor Systems

Coalescing Plate Separators

Coalescent System
Coalescent System 1

How much does this service cost in Perth?

This depends on the specific unit. There are many kinds of separators, and prices can range from $1,500 to $150,000. You will also have to consider operating costs and maintenance, along with the services for installation. To add to the confusion, you need to ensure you are looking at an oil water separator specifically for the product being separated and whether it needs to be an intrinsically safe power source and controlled.

How often should oil water separators be cleaned?

Again, this will depend on the volume of water being filtered and the purity levels of the water itself. The more usage, the more it will cost to be cleaned. Typically, a period between 3 – 6 months is correct for the preventative maintenance of an oil water separator.

What are the methods of removing oil from water?

For industrial applications, you will need professional services. Look for a company that has a strong reputation in installing, managing, and using the speciality equipment for the job. It doesn’t pay to cut corners in this regard. Checking years of experience and customer references can help you find the right service for your particular needs. Of course, any service you choose should also be licensed and insured for the work at hand.

Reliable services in Perth from Maxey Plumbing

If you are looking for premium services at a great price, look no further than Maxey Plumbing. We’re an Australian-based and owned company that exceeds client expectations for commercial and industrial plumbing services. Our teams are highly specialised and trained in-house so that every job is done right the first time according to client needs and Australian Standards. Call us today on 08 9496 1800.

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